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Surgical Technician License

When an individual decides to look into becoming a Certified Surgical Technologist, they are likely to encounter terms such ascertification and licensure/licensing. To be clear, Surgical Technician License is not correct terminology. Certified Surgical Technologists are unlicensed medical personnel that must operate under the supervision of licensed nurses and physicians. Surgical Technicians receive certification that allows them to work in the field.

Surgical Technician License

Obtaining Surgical Technician Certification

Having established that there is no such thing as a Surgical Technician License, prospective students are likely to be curious as to the process of obtaining Surgical Technician Certification. Simply speaking, one must pass the national exam to become a Certified Surgical Technologist. However, qualify to even take the exam will require a good bit of specialized training from an accredited learning institution.

The amount of time a student will spend training to become a Certified Surgical Technologist will depend on the level of education they wish to complete. Certificate only surgical technician training may be as short as 9 months. Obtaining an Associate’s Degree in surgical technology, on the other hand, generally requires about 24 months for completion.

Surgical Technician Training

Any student wishing to sit for the national exam, whether they desire a certificate, diploma, or degree, must attend classes at a school that is accredited by an acceptable accrediting association. In most cases, this will mean that Certified Surgical Technologist students must enroll in on campus courses at a local technical school or college. There are a small handful of online courses available. However, students will still have to obtain a certain number of hours of hands-on training, usually by internship, in order to complete the course. The number of hours will depend on which training option was chosen.

Surgical Technician Certificate

Obtaining a training certificate from a school does not automatically make the student a Certified Surgical Technologist; only the exam can provide certification. A certificate from a Surgical Technician school is simply proof that the student has completed the necessary training required to sign up for the exam. This is the minimum level of training one may obtain to work as a Certified Surgical Technologist. It is the least expensive and the fastest, but it may not provide the best leverage when interviewing for Certified Surgical Technologist positions.

Surgical Technician Diploma

A surgical technician diploma is a median option between a certificate and a degree. It takes a bit longer to obtain—about 12 to 15 months—but it gives the recipient additional training that will help them to compete in the Certified Surgical Technologist job market.

Surgical Technician Associate’s Degree

This is the highest level of training a Certified Surgical Technologist can obtain before moving up to Surgical Assistant. Possessing a degree in surgical technology will tell potential employers that the candidate is highly trained, and therefore extremely desirable.

Even though it is impossible to obtain a Surgical Technician License, there are options for higher education available to Certified Surgical Technologist students who wish to utilize it.

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Are you ready for a Phlebotomy Certification

Considering work as a phlebotomist is not something to be taken lightly.  It is important to be well prepared with any career move, and acquiring phlebotomy certification is no different.  A number of online resources can provide valuable data related to the phlebotomy field.  Whether you’re ready to take the exams, or are looking for further education, these various resources can assist you.
Becoming a Phlebotomist

Phlebotomy Certification… the right choice?

Prior to starting phlebotomy certification classes you should determine if it is the right career direction for you.  Ask yourself if you can picture yourself as a phlebotomist in the distant future.

Contact the Bureau of Labor Statistics to assist you in making this decision.  They can provide you with information that can be helpful in the early part of your education and/or career.  The following are all important:

– Phlebotomy Course Availability

– Requirements For Admission

– Phlebotomy Work Requirements

– Salary Averages

It will make your path much easier if you determine the effect of this information on your life before you set out for your phlebotomy certification.  Decide whether you have the skills, the passion, or the professionalism required for such work.

Any who have attended phlebotomy school will often wish to obtain their certification right away, and begin looking for work.  Those who already have experience will want to further their career, using their practical experience to move them forward.

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Radiology Tech Jobs

Radiology Tech Jobs require dedication and the ability to use complex technology in order to diagnose patients through the production of x-ray film for organs, tissue, and bones in the body. The field of radiology encompasses many technologies, including sonography, mammography, MRI, and radiotherapy. Sonography uses the reflections of sound waves to show an image of a body organ, often for the purpose of observing fetal growth. Mammography is a procedure used to detect tumors in the breast by the use of X rays. MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging is a test that shows clots in the body. Radiotherapy uses electromagnetic or particulate radiation to treat a disease. Each of these specialties are mastered by techs in order to have a broad range of experience. Using pathology, anatomy, and physics, techs are able to determine the right procedure for their patient.


Because of the nature of their job, techs often work 40 hours a week and stand for almost all of them, in addition to lifting disabled patients. This job, while physical at times, is very rewarding and is evident in the very low turnover of vacant positions. Employees are able to find job security and typically stay in their positions for years.Though the degree requirements vary according to the position, techs are constantly learning and continuing their education even after radiology technician schools.

In addition to medical and technological knowledge, techs have to be skilled communicators. A large percentage of patients do not know what to expect when facing these procedures, and having someone there talking them through the process and offering comfort is beneficial to professional growth. In some hospitals, cancellation rates for these procedures are as high as eleven percent. Because of this, techs that are personable have a higher success rate of patient retention.

The outlook for this job is increase growth, replacing techs that leave this position. The best chances for obtaining this high demand job is to train in more than one specialty, such as MRI, mammography, and CT. Employers who want to limit the cost of a large staff often prefer employees that have multiple specialties. Techs that have multiple specialties are also afford more flexible work locations and higher salaries.

There are radiation risks with this job, but through the use of lead aprons, gloves and shielding devices, the risks are minimized. Techs are also trained to use measuring devices, which measure the levels in the radiation room, and their lifetime exposure is documented. Though the radiation levels for techs are much higher than the average citizen, their radiation levels do not reach toxic levels when protective gear is used consistently and correctly.  Because of the required schooling and risk a radiology tech salary is good enough to support you and your family.

GM Diet Tips

A GM diet follower starts his dieting program with intake of fruits and sufficient amount of water. One should stay on entirely fruits and vegetables for 3 days. This helps the body to detoxify the unhealthy elements from the body. Many a times we eat different types of foods which are spicy and non-healthy. They accumulate unhealthy fat and carbohydrate in our body. Releasing of those harmful elements is the first objective of this diet program. The followers of this diet are supposed to drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day. Sufficient amount of water intake helps in flushing the unwanted elements from the body thereby increasing the metabolic rate of the body.


GM diet followers are supposed to consume only those fruits and vegetables which are high in fiber and less in carbohydrate. These fruits and vegetables enhance the digestive system of our body keeping it fit and healthy. As soon as the detoxification starts, the body reflects a glow on the skin of the diet follower. The follower starts to feel healthy energetic and beautiful. Post the detoxification process, the body develops a strong digestive system that helps the body in removing extra fat and unnecessary elements from the body.

Also this  diet programme is based on the intake of sufficient amount of water which includes the consumption of at least 8-10 glass of water every day. One can also consume coconut water as it keeps the body hydrated and remove the unwanted material from the body. Also apart from the food requirement, this diet program is based on the physical activities of the diet follower. A GM diet follower should do atleast 30-40 minutes of physical exercise to lose the fat from his body. It is always advisable to include light exercise which can be yoga or aerobics so as to burn more calories with less effort. Yoga is an ideal approach for a diet follower as it doesn’t include heavy exercise and focuses on those exercise that will help in burning extra calories from the body.

Altogether we can say that this is an ideal diet program which has been designed with great research for people who wants to be slim and look beautiful. It is among the very few diet programme which includes the consumption of flesh in the form of beef, chicken and fish. GM diet program has been very successful among diet followers and people from across the world have achieved significant result. The credibility of this diet program doesn’t need any further reference. It has been proved to be the most successful and effective dieting technique for diet followers.

Main Duties Of An Administrative Medical Assistant

Duties of administrative medical assistants may include all or some of the list below:

  • Scheduling and receiving patients
  • Charting the patient information
  • Recording the medical histories of patients
  • Performing telephone communication and written communications
  • Arranging hospital admissions and testing
  • Managing medical records
  • Performing third-party billing
  • Maintaining medical inventory
  • Keeping office financial records

Besides these medical duties, the administrative medical assistant may be required to perform some or all of the duties of a clinical medical assistant.

The Necessary Skills Of An Administrative Medical Assistant

Administrative medical assistants are like the spiders in the web of their office!

They are expected to know everything and possess interpersonal skills, managerial skills, and a great deal of knowledge.

Just an quick overview of what skills are expected on a day to day basis:

  • Typing and computer skills
  • Proper bookkeeping practices and financial insight
  • Decent language, grammar and spelling skills
  • Up-to-date knowledge of medical terminology
  • Scheduling skills
  • Knowledge of healthcare related laws and insurance
  • Excellent customer service skills
    …and a whole lot more!

Why Should An Administrative Medical Assistant Get Certified?

Sure, a lot of the skills and experience mentioned above can be learned on the job, and that is the way most medical assistants started out.

Nowadays, however, even though more and more administrative medical assistants are necessary in the health care industry, when you are looking for a better position, many other medical assistants are also looking… and they might have more experience than you!

Even though you don not have to get certified to call yourself an administrative medical assistant, with the large number of people looking for jobs, employers can up their standards and require certification for their medical assistants.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to make sure you possess the skills that are in demand.

You may even already possess most of the skills and qualities necessary to get certified as a medical assistant, so why not go all the way?

What is Syndrome Obstructive Sleep Apnea (II)

The sleep disorder, also known as sleep disturbances, corresponding to a broad group of disorders that affect the normal development of sleep-wake cycle. Some sleep disorders can be serious enough to interfere with normal physical, mental and emotional. Today we will see one of them: The Syndrome of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.


These patients should be studied, after proper clinical evaluation, using a polysomnogram (sleep study night) oximetry (measurement of oxygen circulating in the blood). This test is harmless and is the only one who gives the most accurate information about the severity of the patient’s problem. In the clinical evaluation should include an examination by an otolaryngologist, who will rule whether or not the existence of alterations of the nose or throat, often causing snoring production. The weight / height (BMI: Body Mass Index) is very important in the evaluation of snoring. The treatment is based on the correlation between the result of polysomnogram and clinical evaluation.


Losing weight is a basic indication in snorers with extra kilos. It verifies improved quality of sleep (less movement, decreased sweating and grunting, improvement of excessive daytime sleepiness). Avoid alcohol and reduce the amount of food at night, are also breeders of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Avoid sleeping pills, many snorers take tranquillizers or hypnotics to improve their quality of sleep (sometimes have difficulty sleeping) and that medication worsen snoring and increase the number of apneas.

Getting used to sleeping on one side favors the reduction of snoring and apnea, in mild cases. Remember that smoking adds to the picture. Some nasal decongestants may provide some temporary improvement but are not effective in the medium and long term.

Cure and Prevention of Eating Disorders

The eating disorders are serious emotional problems that are characterized by severe disturbances in eating behavior and its fundamental component is the alteration of perception of body weight and figure.
The American Psychiatric Association recognizes as eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and EDNOS, in which the most studied disease is binge eating disorder or BED (Binge Eating Disorder).

Although nutrition experts agree that alcohorexia, vigorexia, orthorexia and diabulimia could be included within the EDNOS, it is true that these disorders, who long ago were unknown or rare, are not aceptaods in the American Psychiatric Association and not is a specific theory to include this.

Diagnosis, cure and prevention of eating disorders:

Often the young generations are exposed to various hazards and fashions that seem to be installed soon greeted in a short time and without discrimination of sex and age.

Eating disorders in figures

- Between 90 and 95% of Argentine women are unhappy with their image. 90% ever felt fat, according to a survey of D ‘Alessio Irol.

- 50% is the percentage of the population estimated to suffer from a disorder (not disorder) of food.

- 90% of those suffering from an eating disorder are women. The critical age is adolescence: between 13 and 18. However, men, mature women and children under 12 years were added to the list of victims of eating disorders.

- 2 to 3 years usually take medical treatment for a patient to revert to an eating disorder.

How to Become a Biomedical Engineer

bio medical careerIf you like Biology, Engineering or Medicine, or you’re looking for a way to combine Mathematics and the Science of Engineering with Medicine and Biology, a career choice in Biomedical Engineering would be great for you. Once you become a biomedical engineer, you will be expected to make an analysis and design solutions to problems related to medicine and biology with the aim of enhancing the effectiveness and quality of care of the patient. For example, invention of medical devices such as implants prosthesis also known as artificial limbs.

Step 1: High School Education

Potential Biomedical Engineering students are expected to take Science courses such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Calculus and Mathematics should also be taken. Additionally, drafting courses in mechanical drawing and computer programming are also required. Remember that to get admitted to a good university you must do well and obtain good grades.

Step 2: Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree

The bachelor’s degree program in Biomedical Engineering concentrates on Biological and Engineering services. The programs entail laboratory based courses including classes in subjects like fluids and solid mechanics, computer programming, biomaterials and circuit design. Other courses that are required include a thorough training in Biological Sciences that includes Physiology, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

Substantial training in engineering design is also included in the accredited programs. There are several programs that include internships or Coops that are carried often in hospitals for providing students with applied practical as part of their study. The Biomedical Engineering programs are accredited by ABET formerly known as Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

Just like in High School, ensure that you also get good grades in the undergraduate course as well. Do several researches and have them published. This will make your application to stand out.

Step 3 Gain graduate admission

Graduate admission is an equivalent of the four year school Engineering course which is attained after an education in undergraduate. As usual ensure to keep your grades up. If it is possible obtain an internship or apprenticeship.

Learn to develop the following Important Qualities

a) Analytical skills-These are very necessary for the biomedical engineers who are required to analyze patients’ needs and come up with suitable solutions.

b) Communication skills- These skills are necessary because these engineers will at times be working with patients and other professionals as well like the medical scientists and are needed to clearly express themselves.

c) Listening Skills-The biomedical engineers work in teams most of the time and gather inputs from patients, physicians, therapists and other professionals in the business. They therefore need to seek other peoples’ ideas and have them incorporated into the process of problem solving.

d) Mathematical skills-The Calculus principle is used by biomedical engineers as well as other mathematical advanced topics for purposes of analysis, designing and trouble shooting in the course of their work.

e) Problem Solving Skills- The biomedical engineers are required to solve problems in biological systems that are complex.

Step 4: Job Application to become a Biomedical Engineer

You are now ready for the job market after graduating from school. Note that the employment outlooks for biomedical engineers are admirable. You can read more about that in our Biomedical Engineer section.

How to Become a Clinical Chemist

clinical chemistA person who uses Chemistry in order to evaluate the health of a patient is referred to as a Clinical Chemist. Once you become a Clinical Chemist, you are expected to evaluate blood, study DNA, tissue examination or studying the cells. He could be a research scientist or a diagnostic product developer. You will be required to work in laboratories, industries or academic environments.

Step 1: Have a High School Certificate

You can begin right from high school by taking a course in Science and Mathematics.You also need to do well in Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry.

Step 2: Obtaina Bachelors’ Degree

An academic degree will surely open wide doors. Such a degree can be a B.S. It will be evn better if you consider studying for and M.S, M.D or Ph.D. as well as advanced training. Preparation in academics will involve courses such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Statistics, and also the life Sciences such as Physiology and Anatomy. Academic studies may be supplemented by obtaining experience. Internships, practicum programs and fellowships will assist greatly.

Medical graduates in Clinical Chemists enter the clinical chemistry after they are through with the residency training in CP. Additionally; training in CP is also combined with AP. The AP and CP trainings are done for a period of three years while combined AP/CP programs can take a four year period.

In some counties, you become a Clinical Chemist by way of obtaining a Ph.D in a branch of life science and chemistry also known as Physiology or biochemistry and then a two year post doctoral training program is done in clinical chemistry. These programs ensure that you have professional competence as well as research complement.

Step 3: Training as a Clinical Chemist

The clinical chemists’ research and laboratory procedures assist physicians to make timely and precise diagnosis and tailor made therapy for their patients. Clinical Chemists apply their knowledge in developing practical applications of advances as technology develops in areas like molecular biology or transplant medicine. Note that automation is gradually changing operations of hospitals and laboratories. For instance, in some hospitals, robots are now taking patients’ specimens to laboratories. Increase in automation has led to jobs shifting thereby opening some days and closing others as well.

During the training , the aspiring clinical chemists are advised to consult with physicians and other providers of health care, developing and researching new diagnostic products, establishing new standards for new products, developing instrument systems for manufacturing diagnostics, working with other clinicians if there is a product that needs testing and monitoring new products.

Step 4: Certification as a Clinical Chemist

After the successful completion of the exam, a specialty certificate is then awarded. Few clinical Chemists usually enter this field through a doctorate program in clinical chemistry that is incorporated to a hospital laboratory. Commission for Accreditation in Clinical Chemistry is the body that issues the certificate. Only through written and oral examinations are carried out and supervised by an accredited body will a certificate be issued.


You need to have performed well in high school in the area of Mathematics,biology and chemistry.

Read more about job description, salary and outlook in our Clinical Chemist section.

How To Become A Firefighter

Learning how to become a firefighter is the first step in beginning a career as one of the most prestigious, and necessary professions in any and all countries. Even though it is a risky profession, the reward of saving lives, as well as the things they treasure most can be extremely rewarding in and of itself. If you want to know how to become a firefighter, you have come to the right place.

How To Become A Firefighter

Step 1: Qualify

The first step is to a minimum of 18 years old and have your GED or high school diploma.

Step 2: Train. Being a firefighter is a very demanding job not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. The test itself is extremely demanding, so it is important that you begin some sort of regime that will increase your physical strength and stamina, as well as your ability to never give up and always keep going.

Step 3: Do your research

Things look great in the movies and on television, however, this is real life. Be sure you understand what the job is really about before you decide to do it. It’s dangerous, difficult, and extremely demanding work. Make sure you understand that before you move forward.

Step 4: Begin to prepare

Start by taking CPR classes as well as any other available medical training you can find while preparing for your new profession. This will help you get a head start on things.

Step 5: Take the exam

There are various exams you will need to take, and pass before you will be able to become a firefighter. You can gather all the necessary information about these exams from your local fire department (Source: http://howdb.org).

Step 6: Complete the training program

Your local fire department will have a training program you will need to complete. It will vary from one state and county to the next depending on the needs of that area. Many of these programs will include months of classroom instruction as well as hands on practical training that will teach you the necessary techniques, tactics, prevention, and emergency medical procedures you will need to know in order to perform your duties.

Step 7: Find a job or position

In the major cities, this will be a profession and job while in smaller areas, this will be something that you volunteer to do. You will need to complete the probation period or requirements of your local department before you will be able to become a full time firefighter.

The rewards far outweigh the risks of this profession. However, you should be fully aware of what you are getting into before you decide to move forward. If, however, you find that you still want to learn how to become a firefighter, the steps above will give you more than enough to get you where you want to go. For more information, you may want to visithttp://www.fireprep.com/how_to_become_a_firefighter.html to learn as much as possible about the profession, and the requirements of how to become a firefighter.

The Important Tips to be kept in Mind while Opting for CNA Schooling

cna trainingThe profession of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is one which can bring you a lot of respect from the public, along with the benefit of getting high salary packages. The CNAs are those professionals who work to assist the nurses in their duty. CNA schooling is something that has to be given great importance, if you are planning to choose this profession

Demand for CNA Schooling has Increased

Owing to the growth of medical field at a very rapid rate, the demand for CNAs has also increased. Today, there are a number of schools that provide CNA training for students who are interested to build their careers as CNAs. There are even online schools that provide normal courses as well as speedy training courses, which can be completed in lesser time compared to the on-campus courses. If you are planning to pursue this profession, the most important point to be kept in mind is that the CNA schooling from any such school should be worth the money you spend on it. That is, you shouldn’t end up paying a large fee amount, and getting nothing in return!

Guide for Choosing the Right CNA Schooling

The first and foremost thing you should check, when you are looking among various schools for CNA schooling is that the school you finally decide on, should be properly certified and licensed by the government. There have been many cases in the past, where students ended up in paying the full amount for fees, and couldn’t get a proper degree certificate, just because the school wasn’t licensed! Never take a decision on your CNA schooling too soon. Take your own time, and if possible, do a little research on the internet, to check the list of licensed schools that are available to train you in this profession. There are many websites which can give you sufficient information on all the schools and options that are available. Moreover, this can help you contact the institutions through their personalized websites, and thus get more details on the courses offered by them. Here, the prime thing to be noted is that the school which offers you CNA schooling, is registered either with the National League for Nursing Accreditation or the Collegiate Nursing and Education Commission.

The next step you make when looking for a school providing the CNA schooling is to check the fee structure of the school. There are many schools which provide CNA schooling at high rates as well as affordable rates. Most of the schools which charge high fees for CNA schooling are those which have a very good reputation among the public as well as the competitors in the field. Such schools are sure about getting large number of entries every year, though their fee structure is much high and affordable only to a very less number of students in the society. This is because, the competition in the field of CNAs is very high, and most of the hospitals, clinics and other renowned health care centres prefer to select students who have completed their CNA schooling in the very best schools. This in turn reflects in the salary structure offered to the professional. That is, a student who completed his or her CNA schooling from a very reputed school of nursing can have a better earning potential than one who completed the CNA schooling from an ordinary, not so famous school!

But this doesn’t mean that all schools which provide CNA class with a high fee structure are the best training providers in the industry! There are schools which take high fees and do not give you the adequate quality training. There are also schools which provide high class CNA schooling at very low fee structures, affordable to any average or middle class people. Another factor to be considered while looking for a good CNA schooling institution is the facility provided by the schools to the students who come to learn from them. If you are choosing a posh school to complete your CNA colleges, you can be assured of the quality of the laboratories, equipment provided etc. Even a private institution which provides CNA class will offer these good facilities, so as to maintain their reputation, and attract more students for the coming years. But with government affiliated CNA schooling institutions, this may not be available. This is because, they just take it as a duty to provide CNA schooling of some sort to the students, whatever the quality of the equipment or the faculty may be.

Check & Compare CNA Schooling Success with…

Checking with the former students directly or reading their reviews about the school can give you a fair idea about the teaching faculty provided for CNA schooling , in that particular institution. It is a known fact that only if the faculty is well trained, they can provide good CNA classes ! Thus make sure you make the right choice of CNA schooling for a better tomorrow!

Logo Design Bangalore, India– A Graphical way of expression


Logos are emblems that are graphic and meant to garner immediate recognition of brands. They are used by companies, corporate, organisations, groups, and even individuals to create an identity for themselves.

The logo Design Bangalore, India may contain only symbols or icons and in other cases, letters and numbers. The symbols and icons can be used to effectively convey the ideals or what they do. When it comes to words, the name may usually have the initials of the organisation or the individual or the name itself written in a catchy pattern or manner. This is called as word mark or logo type.

How did logos come into existence?

Logos have been present ever since people started creating an identity for themselves or their groups. Think about the royal seal that kings used to use to brand their belongings. Each seal would be unique to the kingdom and the empire. The seals would be present on coins, badges, seals, flags and other kind of articles. When Governments came, they had their own emblem which would be the nations’.  

Nowadays, the logos are used by non Government organisations, clubs, restaurants, companies and all kinds of groups. One can immediately identify the brand associated with the logos as graphics speak louder than words!

Designing a logo

In the earlier days, the logo design, Bangalore India requires the graphic design to be typeset physically and printed. Now with portable media, things are much easier. The logos can be edited, redesigned and modified to suit the size and media to look best.

Royal VGR Properties Finalized Logo DEsign by DEsignt theme BAngalore, India

Royal VGR Properties Finalized Logo DEsign by DEsignt theme BAngalore, India

A logo Design http://www.designatheme.net is meant to garner immediate recognition. Frequent redesigning and changing of the logo could work against the concept as a whole and lead to confusion. This leads to counter productivity of the logo.

The logo should be clear and concise. One should be able to design a logo that is easily recognizable and absorbent by the brain. There should not be much difficulty in comprehending what the logo intends to convey.